Application management outsourcing

In order to maximise your IT investments, it is important that the solutions are further developed, improved and updated in line with your business needs. If you need help with ongoing operations, maintenance and further development of your solutions, you can outsource all or parts of your application management to us. With our application management services, you are assured a long-term, well-orchestrated procedure that ensures that the application lives up to your needs and requirements at all times.

Automation, integration and self-service

We specialize in automation, integration and self-service solutions. Often, these areas are closely linked together: Automation is an obvious choice if you want fewer manual processes. Since workflows often take place between several components, integration is often a prerequisite to automate. At the same time, self-service solutions help create even fewer internal workflows, because external users can enter the data. In this case, integration is also necessary because self-service solutions must be integrated with all other relevant business systems.

The best team for the job 

We take pride in setting up the team that best solves the challenges of our customers – a team that is not necessarily only made up of AdaTech employees. We have extensive experience in working with other suppliers – both locally and across national borders. You may also already have vendors that you want to work with. As a customer, you should not worry about having to contact several suppliers. At AdaTech, we take the overall responsibility for ensuring that your IT solution is delivered by the best team.

We integrate, where others give up!

At AdaTech, we love integration and we’re really good at it! The more difficult the project may seem, the more passionate we are. We have made solutions for customers who never thought it was possible, and even at reasonable prices.

Agile development – at a fixed price

Many of our customers want a fixed price, while, at the same time, they want the flexibility of agile development. At AdaTech, we work with agile methods and adapt the projects according to needs that arise along the way. Our extensive experience means that we can still give a fixed price to our customers while using agile development.